Wearing a helmet is a personal choice, however more and more people are choosing to protect themselves rather than risk injury.

Ski helmets provide significant protection from impact injuries, whether you are a beginner or an expert, a helmet is one way to protect your grey matter!

Advanced and expert skiers tend to cover more terrain, take greater risks and often fall harder than the cautious beginner skier/snowboarder. It only takes one fall or collision to cause damage. Everyone is at risk regardless of their ability.

Ski resorts can be crowded, and your risk of colliding with another skier increases because of this. Those that are new to the slopes often lose control, forget how to stop or are unsure how to handle the conditions. Experienced skiers can get carried away, they may be lost in thought while listening to their music, not sticking true to their ability and may be careless. You do not control other skiers on the slopes, therefore everyone is at risk of injury.

Helmets protect you from more than speed injuries. A seemingly harmless fall could result in bumps and bruises, severe headaches, concussions, unconsciousness, or worse.

During those cold snaps, a helmet can be warmer than a toque and on those warm spring days, you’ll be surprised at how cool they are due to venting options available on many styles.

Make your own individual fashion statement with the many different shapes, styles, and colors of helmets available today.Before you head out to the slopes take some time to look at ski helmets and consider adding this piece of equipment to your ski gear.

It is definitely a worthy investment and a great example to others to wear a helmet!

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