This is the adventure you want to be sharing with friends,  be sure they are signed up to go with you as they will want to be comparing stories with you on the ride home!  Everyone is going to have an opinion about what to do and prepare for, however here are some tips to consider as you prepare for your adventure.

  1. Expect to Get Wet.

Dress for the occasion, it may be refreshing to cool off from the heat on a hot day however the trip runs rain or shine, so be prepared for the elements! If you are not getting wet, you may  be doing something wrong!

2. Expect to Be Cold.

You are rafting on a mountain river, even in the summer it can be cold! It may  be cloudy, it may rain, you will be cold at some point during the day regardless of the air temperature. Wetsuits are recommended and you may want to wear wool socks in your water shoes!

3. Expect to Have a Long Bus Ride.

From our #yeg departure it is a solid 4.5 hour drive without stops, be prepared to nap, read a book, watch a movie or chat with a friend.  Enjoy the bus ride, it’s apart of the journey! Bring a snack, a water bottle and a bag with your towel and dry clothes for after the day is done.

3.Expect Not to Be Able to Bring Anything on the Raft.

There is very little space in a raft and the raft will be getting wet, so anything on you can easily be damaged. Plan to be present and enjoy the moment, leave the rest behind!

4.Expect to Receive Some Pre Trip Training From Our Guide.

Our rafting guides want you to have fun and enjoy your time with them,  therefore pre trip training is a requirement in order for the day to be a success. The training will answer and question or concerns you have and leave you feeling ready for a good time and a great trip.

5. Expect To Have FUN.

You will smile, you will remember this trip for years to come, you will tell your friends all about it and they will wish they had joined you!

An adventurer at heart, a mom to three and active in her community.  You won't have a hard time convincing Noreen to join in on the fun! She loves to gather people, have a good time and by writing, she can wear her heart on her sleeve and help preserve her memories all while sharing with others.

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