The thrill of a new adventure can build anticipation and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone to experience something new. Backside Tours has the perfect solution to your search for summer adventure. Join us as we journey throughout Alberta and BC to the stunning vistas of the Canadian Rockies and take you on an adventure sure to generate a good time and a great trip that you will want to experience again and again.

We have a selection of trip ideas to choose from, you get to pick how you get there! Do you want to travel as a group via bus for a great team building experience or are you just wanting to head out of town with a few close friends for a weekend away and drive yourself?

Do you want to spend the night on the banks of the river and get as much white water rafting fun in as you can, or do you want to have a relaxing weekend where you can float, and hike in the wilderness? Are you the adventure seeker that amps things up with some paintball after a thrilling white water trip?  

Are you an avid mountain biker who has been dreaming of speeding along the crest of a mountain top or looking to pedal through mountain glades with the hope of a picnic lunch at your favorite stop?

Whichever option you choose, we want to be a part of it, ensuring you have a fun, safe time with friends and family.  Ask about how you can get your trip paid for, or raft all summer long! #raftbackside #ridebackside

An adventurer at heart, a mom to three and active in her community.  You won't have a hard time convincing Noreen to join in on the fun! She loves to gather people, have a good time and by writing, she can wear her heart on her sleeve and help preserve her memories all while sharing with others.