When you conjure up the image of a bus trip travel does a magnificent, spry greyhound racing elegantly toward its destination come to mind? Well, when considering ski trip buses that same greyhound now has one eye, awful smelling breath, a broken leg, and needs to be put down. 

It's a fact: Alberta is the only province in the entire country that allows alcohol consumption on buses. You would think Alberta would take the hint that alcohol and confined space on a moving vehicle don't mix, but alas, here we are. So when considering your ski trip, we have put together a few things to do and not do to ensure your bus ride is as pleasant as possible. 

DO: Participate in a bus theme! People in costumes have more fun, and spend more time enjoying the theme than they do drinking. Okay, not all the time, but hey, themes bring the perfect amount of positivity. 

DON'T: Get upset or angry about anything. You are on vacation, find your zen, your happy, your joie de vivre. Roll with what the universe brings your way and if you forget your clothes or gear, at least wear your smile.

DO:Get to know people! You only live once, so strike up a conversation and make friends. How do you think our guides who operate each tour got their amazingly fun jobs?

DON'T:Bother the driver while he is driving. He is responsible for your lives, and thus his concentration is of ultimate importance. Ask one of your guides to relay a message if required, and never ever cross the front line of seats on the bus. We also ask you never use flash on your phones as this can affect driver's night vision. 

DO:Bring movies or DVDs to throw into the mix as we can never have too many options on long bus drives.

DON'T:Throw anything into the bus toilet. Its so complicated to get the foreign object out of the already tough space to work in. 

DO:Always have three points of contact on the bus. Two hands and one leg, or two legs and one arm, you get the picture. Safety first, so please ensure if you do need to stand up, be stable. 

DON'T:Lean on arm rests or slam overhead bins. Buses are super expensive and so is everything on the bus. You break it, you get to pay for it. 

DO:Drink responsibly if your bus is licensed. We are not sure where the idea of drinking like its your last day on earth ever came into the bus ski trip weekend experience, but we sure hope the idea of skiing and snowboarding is more alluring than the awful hangover you will have the next day. 

DON'T: Join the meter high club. Its a moving bus surrounded by an audience. If that's your thing, take it online, and leave it off the bus. Exercise self control and let the delay of gratification build the excitement. 

We know the focus of your ski trip to be the mountain experience, which is already guaranteed to come with some good times. So ensure your bus ride is as enjoyable. 

Backside Staff
Backside Staff