People often look to our company for ski and snowboard experiences with transportation included. However, without a large group of people to make a private tour worthwhile price wise, and if where you want to go doesn't fit with our list of public weekend trips, then where should you turn?

Well, as a savvy ski and snowboard enthusiast, you are naturally going to look into options to get to your favourite mountain resort by driving yourself. This is where U-Drive comes into play.

Well, we call them U-Drive packages, but the industry refers to these and to you as fully independent travel (FIT). You book your own accommodations, and purchase your own lift tickets. And although many thousands of skiers travel on buses to get to the mountains each season, this is only a fraction of the industry compared to FIT. 

There are many ways to put together these two elements (accommodations + lift tickets), but here is how we do it to make it all as simple as possible.

  • First, due to our buying power, we get access to lift ticket and accommodation rates that are very competitive. 
  • We have a page dedicated to weekend packages for quick and easy purchases, but we can also build custom packages to fit your needs.
  • Once the package has been purchased, we obtain a confirmation number from the hotel, provide you with a confirmation letter and send you a lift ticket voucher to take to the resort to pick up your lift tickets. 
  • You check in to already pre-paid hotel package at hotel with your confirmation number.
  • You follow our letter's instructions to pick up your lift tickets at the resort.

Sometimes planning your travel can be a pain especially when not knowing where to turn to get the best rates and easiest way to book. We recommend booking with tour operators over other options. Travel industry professionals are in the business of making your ski and board dreams a reality. So dream big. 

Backside Staff
Backside Staff