How Fast is Too Fast?

I like to go fast.  I have always liked to go fast and even as my aged and battle worn body tells me otherwise, I will continue to go fast.  Do I worry about my safety? Not really, as my years of experience and conditioning have led me here and I draw on them to set my limits.  That being said, my need for speed has to take into account the rest of the humans on this planet we call Earth.

We have all watched the “hot-doggers” barreling down the hill in their jeans as they ride the edge of control with a mixture of fear and adrenaline.  Maybe you're one of them, Jerry? We have also witnessed the aftermath when someone moving too fast crashes. A solo affair can be owned by the participant, however when any other patron is included it compounds.  All skiers should exercise some degree of respect to the other thrill seekers around them: No one should leave on a stretcher.

For me, I try and pick my moments.  It's like when you look for that road you can test your car out on;  you alway scout for other motorists and most importantly the 5-O prior to engaging in any reckless act.  With the conditions ripe, I will open my skis up and see how fast I have to go to get them to chatter. I do this not without a modicum of training and practice.  Any time you can get some pointers or take a lesson, please do. Most of the people you see ripping, have spent years getting up to that speed.

The biggest threat to going fast is not in my experience the speeder: it is the unpredictable novice that at any moment may, or may not, completely change their turning pattern into your path.  Better yet, why not stop right under a large roller in the middle of the run Johnny Canada so you can hide from any other skier who is uphill from you? If you are just learning, avoid the faster runs and plan your route down with visibility in mind.

To many, I suppose I am a scourge as I fly past them,  upsetting their balance and calm. For me I think being responsible and respectful of all patrons and planning your route regardless of your skill set is essential.  To anyone who has large issue with how fast I am moving, your just going to have to catch up if you want to talk about it.

Sven Davey
Sven Davey

I'd take fresh cord over powder every day of the week! ;)