Welcome back, Backside Family! 

It's been a while, so to kick off the upcoming 2020/21 season, we are giving away a luxury swag package that includes 2 engraved stainless steel thermal wine tumblers, an embroidered mesh back cap and our brand new Backside Fanny Pack!

We only have these in limited quantities - currently available as prizing only - but fortunately it's super easy to enter this week's swag package contest. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter list. Already a subscriber? Then on top of getting all the latest news about our trips and your favourite resorts, you're already entered to win! 

10 Things You Can Put In Our Backside Fanny Pack

10) Your Phone

This goes without saying, but we recommend getting a solid waterproof case for extra protection.

9) Sunscreen

No need to waste a thousand calories that you could save for the hill hauling ass back to your hotel to reapply the SPF. Carry it with you, share it with your friends! They will thank you when they don't look 85 by the age of 30.

8) Your Room Key

Stop checking all fifty pockets between your jacket and your snow pants. Fanny pack is the ONLY pocket.

7) Every HI-CHEW Flavour

The world is full of tough choices, so picking your favourite flavour for the day is just one less that you'll have to make here. 

6) First Aid Kit

Owe back taxes? Still living at home? Doesn't matter, chucking some gauze, antibacterial cream and a tensor bandage into your fanny will make you feel so grown up you'll feel confident enough to apply for a mortgage by the end of the day.

5) Fireball

Essentially a part of the first aid kit. Can also double as hand sanitizer...

4) Hand Sanitizer

For when the fireball runs out.

3) Sunglasses

To be worn on your way to the hill or under your goggles for extra UV protection and style points.

2) Cash & ID

Not that you'll need the cash - your outfit will be so on fleek that people will lining up to cover your mid-mountain beer.

1) An Entire Pack of Pocket Bacon

Does that make it Fanny Bacon? Not sure how we feel about that, but sign us up for this next-level on-hill dining decadence.

The lucky winner of this swag package will be announced via our newsletter at the end of this Friday, Septemer 11th, so be sure to sign up before then! 

Backside Staff
Backside Staff