A recent pilgrimage to Revy met every expectation for our crew: we had fresh lines on opening day coupled with patches of blue skies. We unwound after skiing in the hot tub and shared stories of secret stashes and epic passes;  we then went out for a night on the town which I can count as one of the best I’ve had.

We started our evening at Kawakubo in a private room.  Our group consisted of a baker’s dozen of misfits all brought together through a love of mountains and a need to refuel. Most had not been to Kawakubo before, but a few of us knew that this hidden gem is world class. I can’t remember a trip to Revelstoke where I didn’t make a stop at this trough. It took 2 hours and 5 orders to satiate our hunger and I am confident all involved will be drawn back on their next visit. The service was as good as the fish and we all left with full bellies and a slight sake induced glow.

A chance meeting in the gondola mid-afternoon sparked our next stop and I encourage all persons to take advantage of the chance to connect with people while on the lifts. This quick chat introduced us to the manager of Monashee Spirits and as a result we steered our rabble down Mackenzie Avenue. I have only one word to describe the Moscow Mule I was presented: WOW.  It had rosemary, and maybe some booze, but it was hard to tell as it slid down like a fat guy on a bobsled. The atmosphere was super chill and the digestive regroup did wonders.

Onwards and upwards! To the Regent! We walked in just after 10pm and the place was packed. A “shaft shot” was placed into my hand before I had taken my jacket off and our adventure continued. Now I don’t dance, not that I can’t, I just don’t, but if that is your jam this is the one place to stretch your legs. The character of this pub at night is a combination of high class wood grains and big screen heaven. The beer selection is one of the best I’ve seen and the energy was the perfect way to take our evening to its climax.the hum that we were slowly ramping up to a buzz.

We came for the big mountain skiing and revelled in the small town vibe. Next time you're in Revelstoke don’t roll over and order pizza to the room. This town has so much to offer with its local non-commercialized ebb and flow. When next you undertake the trek to Revy Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Revy Line Landing

Sven Davey
Sven Davey

I'd take fresh cord over powder every day of the week! ;)

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